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The Vision of 

Selah, a Hebraic musical notation / Greek : 'intermission' or 'interlude.' 


Selah is a section for prayer – gratitude and lament. A moment to quiet the mind, body and soul. So it was for the poet David, whose collection of Psalms are bridged by selahs. 

Selah is the act of making time and space for reflection. It is a conscious decision to quiet oneself in a world moved by noise. Like all things, the noise is nuanced; music that pulses between congruous and incongruous sound like the mind of a man who experiences both sorrow and joy over the course of a day. Selah give us the composure and fortitude for coping with this cacophony.

Many things are unsilenced when we listen – to God, to others and to ourselves. We learn how to hear what has been silenced when we listen, but we inherit the exquisite harmony of Eden when we pair listening with prayer. 

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