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Prayer for anxiety

Lord, your power is above all. The smallest breath does not go unnoticed by you. Thank you that you are stronger than my biggest fear and greatest worry. I ask that you open my eyes to the anxieties that plague me so that I might recognise and let them go.

You are over all – from the larger anxieties of my life to seemingly insignificant worries. Help me acknowledge my powerlessness, drawing hope from the knowledge that I do not need to be control. Yet, O Lord, help me not become complacent in my actions, relying on an apathy that masquerades as faith. Grant me stewardship of that which you deem fit. In your wisdom and divine control, give me wisdom and strength to combat fear in partnership with your Holy Spirit.

While there is much I cannot control, Lord, my actions I do. I ask for discernment in determining where and when I should act. Give me peace to make the decisions you lead me to take.

O God, your view is not limited by time nor space. What murky future I worry about, you see clearly. Every action, every thought, is laid bare before you. I praise you for your magnificence and thank you for deigning to view me as your own. I lay my anxieties and worries at your feet and pray that your peace which surpasses all understanding will guard my heart and mind in Christ Jesus.


Julianna Davis

What an honour it is to begin the Selah series with a prayer from my beautiful friend, Julianna Davis. Julianna currently works as a Project and Program Manager at Palm Beach Atlantic University, Florida, after engaging in Behavioural Strides Therapy as a Registered Behaviour Technician. She received the Certificate of Academic Excellence and Outstanding Graduate of the Psychology Department Award in 2020 from PBA.

Julianna has been a close friend of mine since middle school. Her wit, sincerity of heart and deeply compassionate character continues to bless those around her, no matter their sphere of influence. Her gentle zeal is winsome.

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