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Prayer for victory

On a day like today

when it's easy to forget,

remind me of times

you were patient and kind.

On a day like today,

when it's easy to fear,

incline my mind

to your mercy and strength.

When this world overwhelms me,

and I am afraid,

I praise your Presence

that comes to my aid.

Thank you for kind strangers,

and patient friends.

For your spirit-mercy

when my heart fails within.

On a day like today,

when my memory

sputters like a flame,

May your Light be the force

that brings comfort to pain.

Helen Brower, in collaboration with the Editor.

A delight to welcome to Helen Brower to the Selah series. Helen is a Californian interdisciplinary writer based in Northern Ireland. She is nearing completion of a Master of Fine Arts at Queen's University Belfast, following a Playwriting and Screenwriting degree with Grand Canyon University.

Helen knows what it means to move across the world for a dream. Her wisdom, literary insight and overall spark brightens those around her. She is a beautiful listener, and consequently, a thoughtful encourager.


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