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There is nothing

Hannah Nazri

There is nothing

There is nothing

Those glazed eyes hold.

No ground for feet.

Her heart dances

To silence.

She breathes. She blinks. She hears.

She speaks.

Into the profound emptiness

Her words drown in the mighty sorrow

Of what might have been

And is, instead.

The pain, too intimate a feeling,

Was never meant to last.

Her strength,

Waned by life's perpetual strains,

Makes one last effort to be free.

If only to find its feet.

No ground

But still her heart moves

To the silence.

She breathes. She blinks.

She imagines herself free.

Another day, a new beginning

A heart that beats

Without a pulse.

Though trials may come,

And shadows cast,

Still, a vibrancy occupies

this ethereal place.

A livingness in her mind.

Life's flame, a flicker,

The spark of perpetual

Coming and going.

In collaboration with the Editor


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