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Welcome, from the editor 

Writing is the act of realising dreamworlds. On the page, imagination has the potential to become visceral and real, in some small, operose way. Crafting art is an act of authority where one advocates their vision thoughtfully, with great intentionality and evocation. Works of art are formed by, in and for a setting - be it a moment in time, geographic location or person. It is crafted by, in and for the place where everything within the art was once before it. Art has the power to open a dialogue between artist and receiver, artist and world, world and receiver. 

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How to submit 

Send your submission or proposed work to our Editor-in-Chief (click the link here) with your Clarendon Collective in the subject heading. Please include the name you would like to be published under, alongside a short bio. We ask that poems be under 40 lines in length, prose between 200 - 2,000 words.

We look forward to receiving your piece, and we respectfully ask that the content of your work remain sensitive to the theme. We want you to feel comfortable responding to the prompt, but we are also aware that these publications will be accessed by a wide readership. We hold the right to refrain from publishing work we feel unsuitable. In the event of this happening, we promise to contact the artist and work with them to ready their piece for publication should they so wish. 



Shanley McConnell has completed an MA in Creative Writing at the University of Oxford and an MSt in English and Creative Writing from the University of Dundee. She was awarded second-place in the Sentinel Literary Quarterly Competition and was shortlisted for both the SaveAs International Poetry Prize and the Oxford Review of Books Short Story Award in 2020. As an international student, Shanley often explores the beautiful tension of belonging to more than one country in her work.

Tina Zonko, originally from Poland, graduated from the University of Dundee with an MA in English and Creative Writing in 2017. She studied in New Zealand where she also interned at Mākaro Press, working with the team to publish amazing quality books from poetry to adult fiction. She writes fantasy fiction and enjoys long walks on the beach. 

Photographing Art
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Selah : an interlude. 


Selah is the act of making time and space for reflection. It is a conscious decision to quiet oneself in a world moved by noise. Like all things, the noise is nuanced; music that pulses between congruous and incongruous sound like the mind of a man who experiences both sorrow and joy over the course of a day. Selah give us the composure and fortitude for coping with this cacophony.


In Situ 

In Situ, a latin phrase : a work that is situated in its original, purposed place.


In Situ with the Artist will be a series of conversations with artists that reflects on the immersive power of art. We would love to receive your proposal, should you like to conduct an interview, or be interviewed.

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